LinkBased — Presale Update

To the LinkBased community.

We are deeply humbled and appreciate the overwhelming support that each one of you has provided to us. As both a welcoming gift and response for that support, we decided to make a favorable change for our early community.

Some of you asked, “how do we incentivize early members?” Initially, we agreed to do two types of sales. 1. Seed Sale to get the development started & 2. Public Sale to bootstrap our ecosystem and future plans. If we followed this plan, we would have sold 250,087 tokens in the public sale at 1.15 USD. However, we are changing this design. We have architected a presale to benefit our early community members before the launch of the public sale.

First Presale, then Public Sale

Instead of the original plan, we will host a presale for 100,000 tokens at 1 USD. Additionally, the hard cap will be lowered.

Rules and information about the presale:

  • This sale will be conducted through a first-come, first-serve form.
  • You will need to register the amount you want to invest with and submit your Ethereum address along with your email in the form.
  • You will hear back from us if you were fast enough.
  • Each person will have a max cap of 4 Eth.
  • Approximately 160 ETH in total.
  • After you receive the email from, you will have 24 hours to send the funds. If you fail, your spot will be given to the next person in line.

After this presale, a public sale with approximately 150,087 tokens at 1.15 USD will commence. The listing price of the token will be 1.40 USD.

Here is an overview of the new distribution.

The Form

The whitelist form for the official LinkBased presale will be dropped within approximately 24 hours at 5 PM ET.


Summarization of the critical parts of the plan(TLDR):

  • In order to reward early supporters, we’re hosting a presale before the public sale.
  • Presale of 100,000 tokens at 1 USD per token.
  • We are lowering the presale price from 1.15$ to 1$ per token.
  • Hard cap lowered.
  • 4 Eth max cap per wallet.

New Website:

We are also proud to finally show you our new website:

IMPORTANT: The deposit address will be mentioned in the email that you receive from and in our telegram. TAKE CAUTION OF FAKE EMAILS, AND FAKE DM’s. No admins will message you first. Be very careful with sending to the correct address. Sending to a wrong address will most likely result in the loss of your funds. In case of any doubt, reach out to any of our admins, and they will help you.

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**Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with the official Chainlink project by any means***