We have a massive update for our holders!

If you take a look at the LBD holdings in your respective wallet, you will notice that Christmas has arrived early! All the holders were just rebase-dropped, right now at 9 AM EST.

The official rebase will take place around 11 AM EST.

Valhalla rewards just got updated with a massive 1210% APY. You have to provide liquidity and stay staked in the system for 60 days to get your full share of the rewards. The reward pool will keep growing every week, with the tax collected from the network. (All the rewards stored in the Valhalla pool originated from the ecosystem tax.)

> LPs were updated with 62% more than their holding.

>Dashboard coming online within a few hours.

163,000 LBDs in the rewarding program of Valhalla waiting to be distributed among the LPs, at today’s price at 2$, that’s 326k USD waiting to be shared among the people in Valhalla.

By staying staked for 2 months, you are free to withdraw at any time. However, your rewards will be shared with someone else, if you do so.

Glory awaits in Valhalla.

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**Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with the official Chainlink project by any means***

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