Randomized Epoch based distributed rebase

Over the past few weeks, we have been trying to optimize the countercyclical pressure that arises when the system goes through negative suppression.

We are benchmarking and optimizing the environments that sequentialize the rebase through the gauntlet.

How does Dynamo work?

What usually happens as of today is that we go through linear regression in our systems supply wrt to the rebase calls that happens regularly.

Dynamo dissects that rebase continuity by introducing epoch-based rebase calls, in simpler words within 1 epoch only 1 rebase call would be sustained by the system.

We have initialized the first epoch in…

First off we want to thank the LinkBased community for your support. Our presale sold out in seconds, and though there has been some mistakes along the way our community has held by our side. Thank you.

Going Forward

With input from the community we are making these commitments going forward:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Admins present
  • Consistent updates
  • Successful Rebases

LinkBased (LBD) acts as a derivative of the Chainlink token $LINK. With this token your are able to trade Chainlink’s price movement for 1/10 of the price. LinkBased has also launched our rewards program — Valhalla — where you can earn 1200% APY…

Today, we had our rebase() and the price exactly didn’t go to the peg price of 1.10 as people can see, and this is a feature, not a ‘bug’. Before any rebase function, the protocols analyze two variables, namely-

  1. target price,
  2. stream price

Target price is (Chianlink’s_Fully_Diluted_Mcap)*0.¹¹⁰


Stream price is the average price of the past 24 hours, not the price that it traded at on the very last moment that the rebase method was called. This is performed through leveraging uniswap’s TWAP oracle.

Flow work of the TWAP

This was done to stabilize the growth and depreciation of the protocol, is acting as…

We have a massive update for our holders!

If you take a look at the LBD holdings in your respective wallet, you will notice that Christmas has arrived early! All the holders were just rebase-dropped, right now at 9 AM EST.

The official rebase will take place around 11 AM EST.

Valhalla rewards just got updated with a massive 1210% APY. You have to provide liquidity and stay staked in the system for 60 days to get your full share of the rewards. The reward pool will keep growing every week, with the tax collected from the network. …

Why VALHALLA is the solution:

  • We use the 3% tax fee model to incentivize liquidity, rewarding liquidity providers.
  • By using the 3% tax fee to reward liquidity providers, it directly prevents us from adding more tokens to the circulation.

Why the tax system works:

  • The ecosystem reserve has 56% of our current supply. This reserve is only meant to be used if the network activity dries up.
  • By NOT using the ecosystem reserve because of the current activity level, the token will not suffer the consequence of inflation. As a result, the price organically pumps, and the price floor rises. The Valhalla system ensures that when any transaction happens in…

The LinkBased team is proud to announce that the public sale distribution of LBD tokens will take place on the Bounce Finance Platform. https://app.bounce.finance/

Public sale date:

Our presale was a huge success, and the whitelist was filled in under 30 seconds. Next up is the public sale, which will happen TUE 22 DEC at 11 AM ET at Bounce. Max allocation per wallet is 2 ETH for the public sale, ensuring that as many people as possible can join while being able to invest a respectable amount. We will provide the official link to the sale on our telegram…

This entire article is a word-for-word transcript of the AMA LinkBased team had with the Goodfellas on December 16 at 1:00 PM EST.


Pep, [16.12.20 19:01]
AMA for @LinkBasedApp

We will now mute the chat and only admins can post. We would like to take this time to welcome @gregch1 and @Leotardq from the LinkBased project for joining us today and introducing our community to the Project. I will be asking the initial questions on behalf of The GOODFELLAS ™.

The general format for the AMA will be:

-Introduction from Team
-Project Description
-Token Economics
-Community Dialogue/Questions:

Pep, [16.12.20…

To the LinkBased community.

We are deeply humbled and appreciate the overwhelming support that each one of you has provided to us. As both a welcoming gift and response for that support, we decided to make a favorable change for our early community.

Some of you asked, “how do we incentivize early members?” Initially, we agreed to do two types of sales. 1. Seed Sale to get the development started & 2. Public Sale to bootstrap our ecosystem and future plans. If we followed this plan, we would have sold 250,087 tokens in the public sale at 1.15 USD. However…

LinkBased (LBD) is a synthetically scarce elastic token pegged to the derivative value of Chainlink’s market-cap.

LinkBased is experimental and we advise you to approach it with caution! The token itself is valueless and should be interpreted as such. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that the system works as intended and have tested it before going onto the main-net.

The concept of LinkBased is derived from the innovations created by Ampleforth and other rebase protocols that have come onto the market. LinkBased is a pseudo-deflationary token with game theory properties of transfers in order to maximize the incentives of liquidity providers. …


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